About Dr. Tahir

Dr. Zaigham Tahir is a Board Certified Pediatrician, and has been practicing pediatrics since 2000.

He is an independent doctor, managing his own one-doctor office since 2009. He feels that there is no equal to the quality of care and personalized attention your children can get in a small medical office.

Dr. Tahir uses all modern medical care techniques for your children, however, he values alternative care and natural care alternatives also

He completed his medical training at Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in Downers Grove, IL and then three years of pediatric specialty training at Hope Children's Hospital/Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL.

He worked at Aurora Medical Center Kenosha, WI with a group of 3 other pediatricians for 5 years. Subsequently he worked as a hospital doctor (a "hospitalist") in Hoffman Estates, IL at St. Alexius Medical Center. He took care of sick children that were hospitalized, and also the very sick ones that were in the intensive care unit.

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