Accepting New Patients

Whether you are having a baby, or want to switch from another doctor's office, it is easy to have your children see Dr. Tahir. 

  • Ensure we are on your insurance plan. We accept most commercial and Wisconsin State HMO plans.
    Simply call our office at (262) 564-0611 to make an appointment

Having a new baby?

Congratulations! If you will deliver your baby at St. Catherine Hospital, Dr. Tahir will see your baby in the hospital. Simply let your doctor know you will be selecting Dr. Tahir for your child. If you are delivering elsewhere, simply call our office to setup your child's first appointment at 3 to 7 days of age.

Transferring from another doctor?

Dr. Tahir can see your child without getting a copy of their medical record. If your child will be coming for a physical exam appointment, we will need to see the vaccine record before administering vaccines.

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