Dr. Tahir created a special procedure to make ear piercings virtually pain free, minimize risk of infection and place perfectly balanced ear rings.

The best time to get your child's ears pierced is when he/she is old enough to ask for and take care of the earrings. The younger the age, the higher chances the earrings may not remain symmetrical as it is not possible to predict the how your child's ear lobe will grow.

Dr. Tahir's method is different than one you will get at the mall or at a piercing parlor. He will:

  • Use a numbing cream to make this procedure virtually painless.
  • Clean the earlobes with a surgical-grade antiseptic skin cleanser to minimize risk for infection.
  • Place perfectly positioned earrings so that you and your child do not suffer the frustration of unbalanced piercings.
  • Include a return appointment in 2 weeks to check for proper healing

IMPORTANT: You will be coming in for the application of the numbing cream first, then return to our office in 1 hour. This gives the skin time to become as numb as possible. Please plan your day accordingly.

5 year old Jillian

5 year old Caroline

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Getting perfectly positioned, trouble free earrings is just as important for you and your child as it is for Dr. Tahir. If Dr. Tahir is not able to address your concerns, or if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can ask for a complete refund within 30 days of the ear piercing.

Total Cost: SALE $99 For May, June, July 2018 (Typically $129)

Includes earrings, cleaning kit, 2 week recheck appointment and satisfaction guarantee

This is due at the time of the appointment and is not covered by insurance

Please call our office at 262-564-0611 for an appointment